5 things to know before buying crockery and tableware | Buyer’s guide

If you ask me what my passions are, my immediate answer will be cooking and entertaining. Entertaining includes serving my guests with delicious food in a very simple yet elegant environment. Whether, it is making a gastronomic feast or setting up an impressive table, I do it with the same passion and fervor. For this, I require different elements on the dinning table. It includes crockery, cutlery, linens and other tableware. This is how buying crockery and tableware is important to me which helps to create a perfect ambiance at home. I have to admit that I have enough plates to serve at least 50 people at a time.

Choosing the right kind of crockery for your food service can save your money and time. From size and shape to colour and materials, possibilities for crockery and tableware seem endless.

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So how to choose the right crockery and tableware for your dining table? The following 5 tips will help you in making your buying decision accurate.

(i) Utility:-

Before buying crockery I always ask myself “How I will use them?” This question helps me to define the quantity and style of my requirement. Our lifestyle allows us to define this need very clearly. It is always advisable to keep your tableware ready depending upon the menu. It can be classified in the following:-

Dinner Plates

Salad plates

Soup bowls

Dessert bowls

Serving bowls


Cup and saucers etc

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(ii) Shape:-

Food is all about entertainment. An eye catching food palate always lifts up your mood. Accordingly the shape of a serving plate or bowl adds dramatic effect to the dining table. I always prefer to buy uneven shaped serving plates or bowls or dinner plates than the regular ones. These uneven shaped serving plates or bowls always invite appreciation from my guests.

(iii) Size:-

“Atithi devo bhava”- The guest is God! we always consider our guest as God and love to entertain them with ample food. Sufficient amount of food is being prepared accordingly. However, you require the right size of serving plates/ bowls to present your food. A different size of such serving plates/ bowls would going to solve your purpose. Buying three different size of the same serving plate/ bowl is always a good idea. Click on the following link and get the beautiful ceramic bowls in your kitchen Serving Bowl Set Ceramic/Stoneware in Blue Bubble (1 Large, 1 Medium & 1 Small Bowl) (Set of 3) Handmade By Caffeine

(iv) Colour:-

A dramatic ambiance can be created by placing some eye-catching crockery and tableware on the dining table. I like to draw my guest’s attention through color of the crockery and tableware. During summer, lime punch color or aqua blue color suits the ambiance, whereas colors like orange or sienna suit in winter. I suggest to keep the season in mind before buying crockery and tableware .

(v) Durability:-

I always do a minimum research work regarding the durability of each vendor’s products. This helps to identify whether the products has the ability to be used in the oven, dishwasher or microwave.

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