Bel ka Sharbat | Bael Sharbat | Wood Apple Squash | Healthy Recipe

“Bel ka Sharbat | Bael Sharbat | Wood Apple Squash” is a perfect cooling drink as summer gets hotter. This is a beverage that you can consume for the benefit of your body. “Bel” or “Wood Apple” is a fruit full of nutrients and native to Indian soil. Bel has great medicinal properties for those who consume it. It helps in digestion, purifies blood, prevents scurvy, controls diabetes, relieves respiratory problems and so on.

You can easily trace a roadside vendor selling Bel ka Sharbat or Wood Apple Squash during summers. It is one of the most preferred beverage during summers in India. Let’s make Bel ka Sharbat at home for near and dear ones during this summer!

Ingredients to prepare Bel ka Sharbat

3 small to medium sized bel fruit

6 tbsp Jaggery Powder

1.5 Litres Water

Pinch of Salt

1 tbsp fresh lime juice

How to prepare Bel ka Sharbat

Take bel fruits and hit the outer hard shell of the fruit with a wooden rolling pin to crack.

Open the hard shell and scoop out the pulp with a spoon in a large bowl.

Add 1.5 litres of water.

Mash the pulp using your hand or a veggie masher.

Rest it for 10 minutes.

Discard the seeds and coarse fibres with the help of a strainer.

Add  and mix jaggery powder into the strained pulp mixture until dissolves.

Add and mix lime juice and pinch of salt.

Bel ka Sharbat is ready.

Refrigerate it for 2 / 3 hours before serving.

6 thoughts on “Bel ka Sharbat | Bael Sharbat | Wood Apple Squash | Healthy Recipe”

  1. I don’y even remember when i had this last! Your photos are making me want to have it right now. Thank you for the recipe 🙂

  2. My dida used to cook this from the below fruits from our garden. I would trade this drink for anything. It is so refreshing during summer. Thanks for sharing this amazing memory 😊

    1. Infact, this home made dtink can easily beat any other packaged summer drink available in the market in terms of taste and health benefit.

  3. Bel ka sharbat..a healthy and nutritious drink to beat summer. It looks really tasty n awesome. I never taste Bel ka Sharbat..But after reading this , I think I should try my hand on this.thanks for the recipe.

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