Kodbel Makha || Wood Apple Chutney || A rustic flavour

I had visited Sunderban recently. I stayed there for two days. Then I got an opportunity to visit a village market. A familiar yet not-so familiar aroma attracted me to a small shop of fresh vegetables in the market. A row of greenish-brown, rough & hard textured sphere with the name of “Wood-Apple” were sitting on the centre. Yes, those were “Kodbel”. Kodbel is one of the type of Wood Apple with whitish pulp and sour in taste. It is native from China to the Indian Subcontinent and eastwards to Southeast Asia. The scientific name of Kodbel is “Limonia acidissima”. It is known as Kavat in Hindi, Kavath in Marathi, kotha in Gujrathi, Kaitha/ kaintha in Odisha. I could not resist myself and bought Kodbels to try this Kodbel Makha recipe. The very famous Kodbel Makha or Wood Apple Chutney is a mouth watering preparation.

The flavour is very rustic and ingredients can be adjusted as per taste.


2 Kodbels

1.5 tbsp Jaggery powder

1 tsp Black Salt

2 tsp Mustard Oil

1 tsp finely chopped Green Chillies

1 tbsp roughly chopped coriander leaves

How to prepare Kodbel Makha:-

The hard rind is to be cracked open.

Scoop out the pulp within. Take it in a glass bowl.

Mash it into a smooth paste. (Soft seeds need not be removed. These seeds give a different texture to the chutney)

Add all ingredients as mentioned above and mix well with the paste.

Serve it in the rind.

The aroma coming out from this Kodbal Makha can not be described in words.

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