Pitika | Traditional Assamese Recipe | Alu Pitika

Every kitchen in Assam has a special connection with Pitika, whether it is alu pitika, koni pitika, bengena pitika or pura bilahir pitika! In fact, an Assamese meal is incomplete without pitika. The Pitika is basically a mashed version of boiled or fire-grilled vegetables and serves as a side dish. Addition of mustard oil, raw-onions, finely chopped ginger & chilies give this dish an interesting taste. The most common type of Pitika is “Alu Pitika” (Mashed boiled or fire-grilled potato). However, Koni Pitika (mashed boiled egg), Pura Bilahir Pitika (Mashed fire-grilled tomato), Bengena Pitika (Mashed fire-grilled Aubergine), Baah Gaanj Pitika (Mashed bamboo shoot) etc are some such mouth-watering variations of pitika. Let’s prepare the following three flavourful Pitikas which anyone can make easily.

Alu Pitika || Mashed boiled potato


3 medium size boiled potatoes, skin peeled

1 medium size onion, sliced

1.5 tsp mustard oil

1 whole dry red chili

Salt to taste


Take the boiled potatoes in a bowl. Mash potatoes.

Heat mustard oil in a pan.

Saute onion and dry red chili until onion becomes translucent. Switch off the flame.

Add this fried onion and dry red chili into the bowl with mashed potato.

Season with salt.

Mix all ingredients together.

Alu Pitika is ready to serve.

Pura Bilahir Pitika || Mashed fire-grilled tomato


2 medium size tomatoes

1 whole dry red chili

1 tsp mustard oil

Salt to taste


Grill the tomatoes upon gas-fire/ wood-fire.

Mash with a fork.

Also, grill the dry chili and pound.

Mix the tomato mash and pounded chili in a bowl.

Add mustard oil and salt. Mix well.

Pura Bilahir Pitika is ready to serve.

Koni Pitika || Mashed boiled egg


2 boiled eggs

1 tsp finely chopped ginger

1/4th tsp finely chopped green chili

1 tsp mustard oil

Salt to taste


Take the boiled eggs in a bowl.

Mash with a fork.

Add chopped ginger, chopped chili, mustard oil, and salt.

Mix well.

Koni pitika is ready to serve.

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